govt2305 congress project questions about congressman ron estes of kansas

I need your help in responding to these 2 tasks about Rep. Ron Estes.
Please remember to answer them in 2 PARAGRAPHS (NOT ESSAY).

1.Write a paragraph discussing the representative’s committee assignments. On which standing congressional committees does the member serve? Is the representative the chair or ranking minority member of a committee? [Look up “ranking minority member.”] What sorts of policy issues does each of the standing committees address? Is the representative a member of any subcommittees? Does he/she chair any subcommittees or serve as the ranking member? [Please note: Do NOT give me information about the member’s participation in congressional caucuses.]

2.Based on the results of the 2018 election and the data on fundraising, does it appear that this representative is firmly entrenched in Congress? (Entrenched means unlikely to be defeated for reelection anytime soon.) Why or why not? Is this typical for members of Congress in general?

I just need you to answer the detailed questioned in one paragraph for each task. Follow them closely. Don’t provide information that has not been requested ( also, don’t be too wordy) . Don’t stray off topic.

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