greece essay outline greece history civil war outline and essay

For the outline you basically have to follow these instructions and you have to make sure it is 5 pages double spaced:

Regarding the outlines, ensure before submission that they have the 4 sections that we discussed in class last week:

1. Research question and hypothesis. The hypothesis is the answer to your research question to the best of your ability. A revised version of this will constitute your research paper’s thesis, or argument.

2. Review of the scholarly literature. This is a discussion of the arguments of your secondary sources. How have scholars addressed your research question or questions related to it? Does there seem to be a debate over the answers to the question? Where does your hypothesis fall in that debate? Alternatively, do the authors take different approaches to the research question? Do they study the same things in your broader topic of interest? What are you adding to the discussion of the topic? How are you intervening in the answering of this research question?

3. Historical background. Give us a general, non-argumentative narrative of your topic. What does the reader need to know in order to understand your particular argument? Any theoretical key terms can also be defined in this section.

4. Evidence and analysis. This is where you discuss your primary sources that comprise evidence for your hypothesis. The analysis ties that evidence to your hypothesis. That is, the analysis should tell the reader why that piece of evidence is there and how it supports the current hypothesis.

The outline can be in paragraph form or bullet points.

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