hazard management strategies cheekye fan 450 or less words

  1. Review the published literature on the Cheekye fan debris flow deposits.
    • What is the main cause of debris flows on the Cheekye Fan?
    • What magnitude debris flows have reached the Cheekye Fan and how frequently do they occur?
    • How has the pattern of debris flow activity changed over time?
  2. Does the current Flood and Debris Flow Hazard Map for the City of Squamish adequately describe the hazard for the Cheekye Fan?
    • If you recommend any changes to the map, use a simple graphics program on your computer to redraw the boundaries on the image below and upload the edited image with your assignment.
    • Explain your justification for the new boundaries (or for keeping them the same). Are there specific land-uses that might be allowed/not allowed within the new boundaries

Use the image of the Cheekye Fan I have attached below and redraw the debris flow hazard boundaries based on your discussion. You can copy the image and mark it up in whatever software you like

https://drive.google.com/file/d/19p8gh9wRK0Je5BeuD… Here is the link of the requirements’ detail and background information you will need for the case study. The article is important please combined aritcle’s key points and main idea to draw and create strategies. The words limit is 450 or less.

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