healthcare legislative hearing

View a video of a recent (last 6 months) legislative hearing on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC or a nearby state capital (Richmond, Annapolis) that is of professional interest. Congressional hearings may be viewed on either C-Span television (live or replayed broadcast) or on one of the channels at the C-Span website:


The hearing must be conducted by a legislative committee and contain at least 2 witnesses called to testify.

If you are NOT clear whether a government event is a legislative hearing, ask the instructor. For more information on the role of legislative hearings in policymaking, see:

Before viewing the hearing, do some research on the topic to be addressed; find out the current policy with respect to the issue, problems with the policy, reasons it is on the legislative agenda now, supporters and detractors.

After you have viewed the hearing, write a paper (6 double-spaced pages) addressing each of the following elements. YOU MUST INSERT THE BELOW HEADINGS AND FORMAT TO WRITE THE PAPER.

1.Descriptive information: title and purpose of hearing, committee or subcommittee, chairperson, those in attendance, etc.

2.Background information (as noted above)

3.Summary of the testimony heard: who spoke, their qualifications, major points made, effectiveness in relating their position, and key questions by committee members

4. Stakeholders who will be affected by the policy, and the impact of the policy on them (include consumers, providers, employers, payers, etc.).

5. Your observations and analysis: Was there a balance of perspectives presented? What testimony seemed most effective and why? What perspectives were missing? How has this experience changed your understanding of the political and legislative processes? How important was the hearing to the particular policy issue being addressed?

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