Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Essay On Topic Analysis Of A Creative

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Topic: Analysis of a Creative Non-Fiction. It needs to be at least 1000 words.

s image but also it is a great metaphor that reveals the image of the kind of mysterious and even perfect man who is considered to be attractive because of his specific features. The author claims that the point of such man is that he has the deep characteristic contradiction that, on the first gaze, it is not obvious but in fact it turns out that the man embodies an ideal combination of conformity and rebellion in his essence. Gretel Ehrlich begins her essay with description of the cowboy that people are used to perceiving in their stereotypes about these men. They usually are considered to be tough masculine men who constantly struggle with dangers and fight them with an exceptional bravery. However, the author notes that no one usually thinks about the point of cowboy’s job and what exactly they are supposed to do on it. Except for masculine brave actions cowboys’ responsibilities also include looking after animals and taking care of their safety and health, which more looks like feminine kind of job. That is, the author points on the image of a cowboy which is not only an extreme masculine character with its tough characteristics, but also she shows that a cowboy is a totally compassionate kind of man. One of the most demonstrative moments in the essay is when the author talks about circumstances, that cowboys often are get involved in, and their attitude to them. Thus she quotes one of her friends-cowboys who said that no matter what difficulties a cowboy faced, whether it was snow or wind, or rain, his job was “just to take it” (Ehrlich 83). Such submission of any incoming circumstances reveals a cowboy’s inner conformity and willingness to do whatever his job requires. although when a cowboy faces the hardships of all kinds he applies multiple approaches to resolve them, which embodies his resistance to difficulties. For instance, when a calf is born sick a cowboy would take care of it like if he were its mother (Ehrlich 83). The dual approach

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