hello is me this time is a two page assignment you wrote the first part and this assignment is the second part

Hello is me, this time is a two page assignment. You wrote the first part and this assignment is the second part

Follow is the second parts requirement. I will also post the entire assignment in the attachment.

Domain draft (Two pages)

Once you have reviewed your proposal feedback, choose one developmental domain (physical, cognitive/language, social, or emotional). You will prepare a two-page draft for this section of your final paper. Include your name, paper topic, and domain at the top of the draft. No title page is needed.

  1. In the first paragraph, summarize one of your two empirical studies for this domain. Identify the purpose of the study and how it relates to your topic, and use the in-text citation (Author, year) to identify the source. Briefly describe the sample of participants (e.g., number, age), the data sources used (e.g., parent interviews, laboratory observations), important characteristics of the study design (e.g., longitudinal, experimental, correlational; use of comparison groups) and the key findings from the study. Finally, discuss what these results tell us about your topic.
  2. In the second paragraph, summarize your second empirical study for this domain. Include the same information about the study as in (#1).
  3. In the third paragraph, integrate the findings from the two studies. Discuss how the findings of the two studies either complement, support, or contrast with each other. (e.g., How do the two studies differ in the perspective they take on the topic? How might one set of findings help to explain the other? If the findings across the two studies conflict, why might that be the case?).
  4. Include a Reference page, with the references for both studies in APA format.

The instructor will give you feedback on this summary, to help you prepare your final paper.

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