help for assignment 1

I have to write and essay which is due in the 31of March

the model is Public Management and Leadership

the task is to >>>

Assessment: One 2,500 word assignment and one exam (based on a

seen case study).

The assignment question is one of the following:


1. Select two of the six case studies in the handbook. Identify the key

problems in each case and compare and contrast the role played by

structural, cultural and power factors in the two cases.


2. Answer two of the following:

a. In Case Study One, which two options would be the best for the

strategy function, and why? How would you suggest they re-

structure the regional authority, and why?

b. In Case Study Two, what structure would you propose for the new

agency, and why?

c. In Case Study Three, what is the main cause of the problems in

the coalmine and what can be done about it?

d. In Case Study Four, why was the strategy process in Eastgate so


e. In Case Study Five, explain what is wrong with the Directorate and

which of the possible candidates should be the next Director-


f. In Case Study Six, explain what is wrong with the hospital. Do you

think the Deputy Director’s plans will work?


as it showed, their is a cases study, the toter have to read it and answer the question

I want it to be ready and to submit it at the 27.


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