Here Is Format For My Assignment Buacc5932 Corporate Accounting Please Try To Make L 2813867

here is format for my assignment BUACC5932 corporate accounting.please try to make like so.thank youAnd reference 8 to 10 needed in APA format Document Preview:

CORPORATE ACCOUNTING (BUACC 5932) Assignment IIBIT, FEDERATION UNIVERSITY MAY, 2018 Submitted By Submitted To Bijay Sainju (Student ID no: 30342190) Heidi Gao Kushal Sangroula (Student ID: 30341416) Suman Shrestha (Student ID: 30341419) Company- Introduction, Business & operating activities, Finances and Financial performance Rio Tinto Business Ltd and its Core Business Rio Tinto Limited is one of the world’s gigantic corporations related with metals and mining business. Established in 1873, at present it has positioned itself among the world pioneer in the manufacture of different metals. Earlier, it’s target was just extraction of minerals, but at this stage of business, it has remarkable functioning in the areas of refining as well. Having Head Office jointly in London and Melbourne, it operates in six continents, but mainly in Canada and Australia. Rio Tinto is listed company and its stock trades at London Stock Exchange and Australian Securities Exchange. Rio Tinto Ltd’s core business concentrates on extraction and production of minerals and converting them into commercial value .Following are major product or business line Rio Tinto operates: Iron Ore Rio Tinto is the global leader of supplying iron ore of highest quality. Australia is its key production area whereas, China, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan are the main sales target. Aluminium Rio Tinto is also a global pacemaker in the industry of aluminium and its byproducts that includes alumina, aluminium and bauxite. It’s key production destinations comprised of Canada, Australia and Europe. On the other hand, Asia, America and some European countries are its sales stations. Copper…



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