history essay 167

History 105 essay at least 1000 words. If there is a good grade, I will give a 10-20 dollars tip, it is follow the grade.

Essay. You must respond to the question below in essay form. Your response should be detailed and use specific material from all parts of our class to support your answer. I especially want you to use material from our primary sources. A typical response is usually at least 4-5 full pages, double-spaced (1000 words and a normal times new roman 12-point font with regular margins), but you may have a longer answer. A paper shorter than 3 full pages needs to be very, very good to get a passing grade.

Again…Be sure to use specific examples from the readings and class when answering the essay question. Do not use outside sources and just use material from part 2 of the class (Chapters 6 through 10).

  • From independence to the early 1830s, the United States become a country with a secure border, stable political system, booming economy (mostly), and national culture? How did these things happen? What challenges political, economic, social, and foreign challenges did the nation face in making all these happen and how were they overcome? By the1830s, what problems remained for the United States? Please explain and support your answer.

Good luck and let me know if you have questions.

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