history of medicine questions 6

Hi. These are the questions that I need answers for. All of the

questions should be answered using the sources and link provided.



1. According to Janik, What was the mainstream medical practice? What were the types of “irregular” medical practices that she has found in the 19th century America? How did these irregular medical practices/”cures” explain different causes of illness? Why were these practices popular? For instance, what were the examples of different home advices from irregular healers in the 19th century America? What did these practices/”cures” in Janik’s work have in common?

2. According to Furth, what were the three analytical positions when approaching the question about the value of Chinese medicine?

3. What is TCM? What did Furth conclude that Chinese medicine during the communist era is “not really ‘alternative’ at all”? In Furth’s work, the Chinese medical practice in the US serves as a contrasting example. How did this practice emerge? What have been the problems of such practice in the US? How much of “Chineseness” and “being alternative” are the practice?

4. Comparing and contrasting the alternative medical practices in Furth’s article with those in Janik’s work, can you explain how the understanding, practices, reception of “alternative medicine” have changed over time (from the early 19thc to the late 20thc)?

5. Compare and contrast the divide of tu 土science vs. yang 洋science in Fu’s article, by the conceptions, contexts, historical participants, and others. Do you see any issues/limitations with such divide?

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