homework writing routine business letters

You are a shift supervisor at the computer help desk at Mesa Community College. One of your former employees and personal friend has applied for a job at the Apple Store in Chandler Mall. The store manager Stephanie Jobs, has asked your friend to have a few people write letters of recommendation and you are one of the people the friend has asked. Remember to consider what the qualifications are for a job of this type and give Ms. Jobs the information she needs to make a good decision. You may say anything (within reason) about your former colleague that you feel will help him/her get the job.

Use the proper letter format, correct spelling and grammar, and excellent sentence and paragraph structure. There are excellent examples of proper business letter formatting on pages 554-556 of your textbook. Make sure you include an introductory and concluding paragraph, a paragraph on your friend’s business experience and another paragraph on his or her personal and professional qualities. Include your contact information so that Ms. Jobs can reach you if she has any questions.


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