hsa4192 healthcare quality management 3

Topic/ Organization: Health Insurance

  • Post 10: Discuss how the Six Sigma Quality Program could be applied to your organization. The detailed six sigma discussion begins on page 225 in your course textbook.
  • Post 11: The expectation is for this post to leverage topics discussed in chapter 10 and apply them to the organization in focus. Emphasis should be applied to the types of waste that could occur in the organization and the overlaps of Lean with Six Sigma within the group’s focus organization.
  • Post 12: The center of healthcare revolves around patients. How does the flow of patients impact this organization? Remember everyone may not be starting a provider office or hospital, but patient flow still impacts all healthcare perspectives. In addition, describe what a process map would look like or make a process map for work coming in and being completed. The uploading of an actual high-level process map is preferred.
  • Post 13: From the chapter 12 (and a little bit from chapter 11) perspective, it is expected students answer these questions in this post:
    • How will the organization be prepared to manage a sharp change in growth? For example, will more people need to be hired or will work be contracted out?
    • What’s the staffing model? For example, will all employees be permanent, or will the company prefer to only hire contract workers?
    • Talk about how work will be scheduled. For example, are all positions Monday – Friday: 9 – 5 or is there some of other employee scheduling system to make sure work gets done.
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