human trafficking assignment 1

FSO320 – Human Trafficking Assignment

Short Answer – Essay Questions


This is a very sensitive and serious topic. A lot of what you hear will be upsetting and I am sorry for that. I do think that this subject is important for us to study and talk about in hopes of helping victims and even preventing future victims. You may need to pause and watch the video in small parts, and I understand that. If you need to talk with anyone after please remember there are councillors and student support staff who you can reach out to through Seneca. You may also reach out to me.

Before watching the 30-minute video on Human Trafficking in Ontario please read over the questions I would like you to

answer. Read them carefully and be prepared to take notes while watching the video. After watching the video take your time and make sure you thoroughly answer the below questions. Each answer should be a minimum of 4 full sentences. I am looking for well thought out answers, spelling accuracy, and correct grammatical sentence structure. After answering all of the short answer questions I would then like you to answer the essay question is full essay format (opening/introduction paragraph, body of the essay- multiple paragraphs, and closing/ conclusion paragraph). The essay does not have a word limit, minimum or maximum. Please just make sure you take your time and answer the question I have asked.


Answers to each short answer question should be a minimum of 4 full sentences; that are well thought out, correct spelling, and correct grammatical sentences. Answer the essay question is full essay format.


1.What is the difference between sex trafficking and prostitution?

2.Why are we seeing such a drastic increase in the number of Human Trafficking cases in Ontario? (Hint – 2 part answer)

3.What type of women/ girls are being swept into this awful situation? (Hint – 2 types)

4.Why do they say no one is immune?

5.How do Traffickers find these women/ young


6.Who are Gorilla Pimps?

7.Describe what they are telling hotel industry workers to look out for, to help spot Human Sex Trafficking?

8.What is the boyfriend effect?

9.Why is the conviction rate so low for the

people caught trafficking?

10.What can society do to support the survivors of Human Trafficking?

Essay Question:

After completing the class lesson on Human Trafficking and after watching the video that followed, what stands out the most to you? What as a frontline airline employee (CSA, GSA or Crew Member) can you do to help victims of Human Trafficking?

*****there’s an 30 minutes video that you have to watch but i can’t attach a file cause it too big. So I will send a video to your email*******

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