hw about gender violence prevention

Database Search instructions

I am thinking about domestic violence prevention as topic for this assignment

Database searching is a useful tool to find more detailed and peer-reviewed health information. For this assignment, Google Scholar is recommended as a starting point as it draws from the widest spectrum of peer-reviewed articles. However, learn how to use the advanced features. By default, google Scholar searches the entire article for your terms, as it allows you to restrict your searches in a variety of ways. Searching by title only is one useful strategy for limited your search.

Your task is to find some background articles on a specific topic addressing Gender Violence Prevention. There are a wide variety of prevention programs addressing both specific and general forms of gender-based violence. Begin by narrowing your focus down to a specific population and a specific type of GBV; Dating Violence in High School, or Sexual Assault in College are examples of this. The next step is that you want to find literature on prevention. Keep in mind that prevention may include many different activities, trainings, curriculum, policies, etc. Your search terms will most likely include “prevention”, your “violence topic of interest”, and your “population of interest”. Take a screen shot, or copy and paste the first full page of your best search for Part 1

I Attach 1 page printout of your database search results including keywords used. This will tell me the search terms and how many results you found.

II. Attach the first page of your article for the critique below

Part II: Critique

The purpose of this assignment is to provide you with experiences related to finding credible research information on a given health-related topic (prevention of specific forms of gender based violence) , and then be able to understand and translate that information. A second purpose is to help you find some sources for you final project paper, which this semester will be a topic surrounding:

This critique is a three part paper on a current scholarly/journal article of your choice, which you have read, that is related to your Ge Violence Prevention topic paper. Reading and reporting on an abstract of the article does not count.

Each of the first three parts should be no more than one page single-spaced (total of 3 pages). The parts are as follows:


Summarize the major points made in the article/presentation in your own words in one page. Assume that the reader has never seen the article.


Criticize and/or praise specific points made in the article/presentation. Answer questions such as: what was good, what was bad, why? It is helpful to base an argument, criticizing or praising, on ideas discussed in class and especially focus on gender and health implications.


Answer the question, “What does the article mean to me?” The “me” in this case should refer to you in your future career practice. Certainly the meaning, or the worth of the article is related to your critique. A major implication may be that a particular article has either changed or reinforced your thinking on the subject at hand.

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