i need a term proposal paper written only the proposal portion 1 2 pages

To complete the course of Healthcare Information Systems Management (HCAD4352), each of you is expected to write a term paper. Your paper should be a literature review report of 10 text pages in length, plus whatever the diagrams and appendices you feel appropriate. You must cite your reference sources through the text and include a reference list using APA style at the end. The paper is to be typed, double spaced or 1.5 spaced, and in a readable 12-point Times New Roman type font with one-inch margins on four sides. 1. A cover page with an informative title, class name and code, section number, your name and date of completion (5 points). 2. An executive summary of 100 words that summarizes the purpose of your paper, your major findings, your conclusion and your discussion of implications as revealed in the entire report and a table of contents (10 points). 3. Literature review with a focus on ONE of the following topics (50 points): 3.1 History, development and issues regarding one aspect of healthcare information management; 3.2 A new trend in healthcare information technology management (2010 – present); 3.3 Electronic health records (EHR) practices and issues (2010-present); 3.4 One type of telemedicine and its impact on healthcare development (2010-present); 3.5 Discussion of an existing issue in healthcare information and system management (i.e., universal healthcare, e-patient, security or privacy issue). 4. Discussion of your major findings. In this section please discuss what you’ve learned from writing on the selected topic (30 points). 5. Discussion of implications for this class and for healthcare field (20 points). 6. Your conclusions. In this section, please briefly sum up the conclusions you can draw from your research on the topic or the prevailing opinions on the topic (15 points). 7. A list of references cited throughout the paper text using APA style, with entries no less than TEN (20 points). 8. Overall writing skills including objectiveness, clarity in concept and in expression, consistency in format and style use, complete paper structure, and free of obvious spelling and grammar mistakes (20 points). 9. Your topic proposal (30 points). Note: Please refer to the relevant discussion session on the DB. Late report will be subject to 20 points deduction each day.

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