i need help with my capstone class 1

The directions, rubrics, and submission areas for your portfolio are accessible by clicking on the link above.

There are three main areas required for completion of your portfolio.

  1. Components
  2. Essentials
  3. Nurse Manager Certificate (Sigma Theta Tau)
  4. LinkedIn profile development

Download the “Portfolio Checklist” and “Portfolio Components” documents in the Worksheets, Forms, and Templates area on the left menu. Use the checklist form to check off each item when you submit each portfolio assignment.

  • Refer to the WCU BSN Student Handbook, “Appendix I—Professional Portfolio Guidelines.”
  • Include all required items for your NURS 497 professional portfolio.

Important: After you receive feedback from your instructor on this portfolio item, integrate and revise for your final portfolio submission.

It is the program expectation that you have developed a comprehensive and evolving networking tool that can be used throughout your career. Keep in mind that you may accomplish all of the assignment criteria using the free account. You are not required to purchase a premium account. The level of privacy you assign to your LinkedIn account is up to you. Visit Account & Settings to manage your account privacy.

Review the Getting Started With LinkedIn module on the main menu if needed.

In week 10, you will submit the URL link to your LinkedIn profile to the assignment area for evaluation. To get the URL, you must:

  1. Click on the arrow under your picture that says “Me” in the top-right corner of LinkedIn.
  2. Click on the blue link that says view profile.
  3. Click on “Edit your public profile & URL” on the right side of the screen.
  4. This will show your assigned LinkedIn URL. You may edit it if you like.
  5. It is recommended that you also include this URL on your resume/CV once your profile is complete.
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