i need to write a paper about the roman colosseum ts architecture magnificence and its significance and history behind it

attached is two pdf that i can only use to write the paper about, the first pdf is generally history of Rome and the significant architectural building built in italy. it also contains information of whats going on in Rome at the time. the second pdf is about the Colosseum. with the two pdf i need to write about the colossuem mostly and you could come up with your own thesis statement as long as it follows the outline in the question

** use Times New Roman font in size 11, with 1.5 spacing and standard 1inch margins. Please proofread before submitting. Do NOT add extra spaces between paragraphs. Your word program may do this automatically – adjust accordingly.

** The only information that should be at the top of the page is your name.

** Double space once between your name and the remainder of the information included in the assignment.

** include an introduction and a conclusion. You must include a thesis statement:

– A thesis statement helps organize your paper from beginning to end.

– A thesis statement is one to three sentences that appear at/near the beginning of your paper that clearly state the parameters and focus of the paper.

– The key idea(s)/argument(s) in your thesis statement should form the basic structure of your paper, so key words/phrases from the thesis statement should appear through your paper as it develops.

– The conclusion of the paper should restate the goals and key ideas of the thesis and the conclusion you have reached about them.

– the thesis statement should tell the reader in one – three sentences what you intend to focus on in your paper. Your thesis statement can be integrated into your introductory paragraph of your essay. It does not need to be :stand alone” – indeed, a sophisticated essay will incorporate it into the body of the initial paragraph.

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