i want to do terms paper

  • From the list below, choose 10 terms; each entry is worth 2 points.
  • YOU ABSOLUTELY MAY NOT GOOGLE AND PASTE YOUR RESPONSES – YOU MUST WRITE THE TERM IN YOUR OWN WORDS! You will receive an F if the paper is plagiarized you may use outside sources if necessary but must properly cite them. (Please try to do in your words, if you do not mind instead of just copying everything)
  • Use a photo of a different structure OR a detail of the structure for EACH term; you may use the same structure or monument but be specific! Mark photos to indicate term illustrated
  • Label each illustration with the location and/or building name
  • For EACH term, you must type or neatly write 1) the name of the term, 2) a description of the term 3)it’s origin and/or use in the ancient world, and 4) one example of a work we studied in class (or from your textbook)

relief sculpture

Contrapposto obelisk

Triglyph and metope (one term) mosaic

Pediment nave

Doric column apse

Ionic Column stele

Corinthian column stained glass window


mihrab flying buttress

Dome Groin vault

Barrel vault Oculus

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