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I want to fill the table .. According to the attached data …

External risks /

– Contact with power transmission

– Contact with guillotine blade/clamps

– Contact with guillotine blade fromside or rear

– Contact by persons other than the operator with moving machinery

– Contact with moving parts

– Electric shock, electrocution, burns, death

-Approvals of the external official agencies to deliver electricity, water and communications to the region, provided that the requirements of government agencies are applied accordingly

Awarding procedures, which take a long time between the process of handing over the contract with the awarding to start the project

– The problem of infectious diseases, which affected the global supply

– Ground impediments, which need to reconnect some cables, as well as mechanical extensions of the project

Delayed work increases labor fees, which are reflected in the project’s inflation value

Internal risks /

– Electric shock, electrocution, burns, death

– Accidental start –up

– Unsupervised use of machines

– Ingestion of contaminated material

– Inadequate signageor instructions

-After the project, from the city’s sites and suppliers, and consequently all supplies and materials need to be connected, which works on the need to take into account the weather, congestion and fuel.

– The movement of workers and their housing in a non-habitable environment in order to end the project

– The completion of work in a timely manner, which is reflected in the start of the educational process and the increase in the production of their relatives working in the region, as it is an integrated educational complex from primary to secondary, which is an extension of King Abdullah University, which is the culture center in the region.

– The necessity of having a health center for health risks, which may worsen the injuries when there is no health center close to the area.

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