ici 2 mi amor

Hello, I need help writing this intercultural communication assignment,

instructions :

These assignments must be two full type-written pages of content (double spaced, 1” margins, 12 pt. font) that address the listed topics below. You must include a reference page which is not “counted” in the 2 pages exploration of each inquiry. (REMEMBER, TO USE APA FORMAT FOR IN-TEXT CITATIONS AS WELL AS YOUR REFERENCE PAGE).


Click the link and have some fun watching the short video less than 2 minutes titled “Mi Amor” showing a conversation between two dating partners: a U.S. American male and a Cuban female:

Password: UnderstandingIC (this password IS case-sensitive)

Think about your learnings about haptics, high/low contact cultures, nonverbal displays of affection/ PDA, paralanguage and proxemics. Watch the video clip again, taking notes about the different forms of nonverbal communication, the differences between the two individuals, and each person’s reactions to each other.

Respond to the following prompts in essay style (NOT Q & A):

  1. How would you explain the U.S. American boyfriend’s reactions to his Cuban girlfriend?
  2. How would you analyze the Cuban girlfriend’s reaction at the end of this clip?
  3. Have you or your friends had similar “culture-bump” experiences that created nonverbal awkward moments or interactions?
  4. As a communication consultant to this couple, what advice would you give to the American boyfriend so that his reactions aren’t so negative? What advice would you give to the Cuban girlfriend so that her final reaction isn’t so negative?

Remember to define and cite your terms using APA formatting.

please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you.

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