in a 13 slide presentation deck develop a variety of interview questions based on the ksas and required experience for capratek s regional sales representative positions

Assessment Instructions

Note: Complete the assessments in this course in the order in which they are presented, beginning with Assessment 1.


To prepare for this assessment, complete the following:

  • Familiarize yourself with Chapters 5–14 of Arthur’s Recruiting, Interviewing, Selecting, and Orienting New Employees e-book, linked in the Resources.
  • Read Baur, Buckley, Bagdasarov, and Dharmasiri’s 2014 article, “A Historical Approach to Realistic Job Previews: An Exploration Into Their Origins, Evolution, and Recommendations for the Future,” in Journal of Management History, volume 20, issue 2, pages 200–223. This article is linked in the Resources.
  • Read the scenario below.


In Assessment 4, you developed a job analysis for CapraTek’s regional sales representative positions. Based on that job analysis, you will interview candidates. Before you can do so, you must develop interview questions based on the required knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs) and required experience for the CapraTek position.


As a member of CapraTek’s human resources team, you believe the best way to develop the interview plan and select the best candidate is to include a variety of question types. Create a PowerPoint presentation deck containing the following elements, one question per slide. Ensure that your slides are uncrowded, visually appealing, and easy to read.

  • 4 structured interview questions.
  • 3 semi-structured interview questions.
  • 2 behavioral interview questions.
  • 2 situational interview questions.

In addition, include the following:

  • Identify which question types relate to the knowledge, skills, and abilities and required experiences for CapraTek’s position.
  • Explain why the interview questions are appropriate for CapraTek’s position.
  • Explain why interview questions do not request illegal information.
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