in paper number two i m asking you to pick a founding father of the united states thomas jefferson you will discuss this man s contributions and effect on the colonies again i will not be looking for a strict retelling of events i will be looking fo

Paper 2 needs to be two to four pages. Two pages is the MINIMUM. This does not include the heading or any bibliographic content. You will be graded on content and proper writing form. Paper 2 is worth 100 points towards your final grade.

Type needs to be double-spaced and at 10 or 12 point font, Arial or Times New Roman.

A few pointers on what not to do. You will lose points if you write in the first person or write in the

present tense. This is a history paper and the events took place in the past. If you are having trouble

writing in the first person, feel free to send me a paragraph or so of your work. I will be glad to illustrate

what can be done here.

Give your essay a title.

Spell out contractions. Example: don’t = do not. Didn’t = did not.

Limit your use of descriptives. He, she, they, and so on are acceptable. Do not rely on these in your

essay. Example: DO NOT write…’He pioneered the method as he…” Instead you will write …”Ford

pioneered the method as he…”

The word IT. There is a person, place, thought, or object that IT describes. Take the time and make the

effort to describe IT. You will find your writing improve when doing this.

Get with me if you have any questions or concerns. I am here to help.

….I do not know how you can write on the topic of your choice without some outside research. I do not

require a minimum number of outside sources, but I highly recommend using them. DO NOT use and

cite Wikipedia. Use legitimate sites and publications. If you are not sure of what makes a legitimate

source, ask me. As I mentioned in class and included in your prompt, use MLA formatting for your essay.

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