in this journal entry you are asked to apply the simple research model set out in module 1 to a research article please perform the following tasks for the identified research article

Length: 800 words (maximum)

1. Apply the simple research model to the research article listed below by answering the following four questions: i) where are we now? ii) where are we going? iii) how do we get there? iv) how do we know when we have finished?

2. What challenges did you experience in undertaking this activity?

You will need to create a private journal entry using the journal tool available from the subject interact site. Your journal should be at least 800 words in length, but no more! You may use a table to summarize your answer; but it is also important that you provide a narrative discussion using sentences and paragraphs.

Apply the simple research model to the following article:

Adams, P., Farrell, M., Dalgarno, B. and Oczkowski, E. (2017). Household Adoption of Technology: The Case of High-Speed Broadband Adoption in Australia. Technology in Society, 49, 37-47.

Feedback on this assessment item will be provided by way of a reply to your journal posted by the lecturer. The mark for this journal activity will be available on Gradebook.

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