In This Project You Will Populate A Binary Search Tree Bst Specifically An Avl Tree 3253706

You may discuss any of the assignments with your classmates and tutors (or anyone else) but all work for all assignments must be entirely your own . Any sharing or copying of assignments will be considered cheating (this includes posting of partial or complete solutions on any public forum). If you get significant help from anyone, you should acknowledge it in your submission (and your grade will be proportional to the part that you completed on your own). You are responsible for every line in your program: you need to know what it does and why. You should not use any data structures and features of Java that have not been covered in class (or the prerequisite class). If you have doubts whether or not you are allowed to use certain structures, just ask your instructor.
In this project you will populate a Binary Search Tree (BST), specifically an AVL tree and print out its contents. For example, a tree built from the input: will produce an output similar to the tree below



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