In This Project You Will Work Individually To Write Programs Which Demonstrate Your 3878414

In this project, you will work individually to write programs which demonstrate your
understanding of IPO and usage of simple functions in Python programs.
Content and Structure:
You will have to write a modular program to:
1. Perform a series of transactions
2. This will be a project which students will choose and discuss with the lecturer prior to
3. Examples could be a scientific calculator, expense management system, online
shopping system, banking system etc
Program expectation:
? The student must be able to explain the working of the program and its logic.
? Program should be indented, proper comments should be given, modification
history should be present, variable names and data types should be chosen
? The program should compile and execute to display the result.
? The student must use programming constructs available in Python and follow
coding standards.



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