in your analysis of the chapter readings answer the following questions what is the connection between being multilingual and being in a first year composition course how does being one influence the other why is it important to see various languages

Length: 950-1200 words

Worth: 25% course grade Final Draft Due in Canvas Friday 4/10 (or sooner)


  • Analyze how the authors use data, history, and/or sources to convey their message
    • Determine what kind of sources do they use
    • Determine the role the sources play in the chapters
    • Determine how effective the sources in proving the authors’ claims
  • Show the connection among the chapters, specifically the authors’ message
  • Cite specific page numbers
  • Provide attribution

Essential Questions:

In your analysis of the chapter readings, answer the following questions. What is the connection between being multilingual and being in a First Year Composition course? How does being one influence the other? Why is it important to see various languages as “gifts;” and how essential is having multiple language skills beneficial in a writing course? And for whom do thing skill benefit, the “middle class enterprise,” the students, or the communities from where students come?


A textual analysis is what it sounds like: an analysis of a text or texts. In this case, you have three chapter readings: “Official American English Is Best,” “There Is One Correct Way of Writing and Speaking,” and “African American Language Is Not Good English.” All readings are in the “About Who Good Writers Are” section of Bad Idea About Writing. So part of the analyzing has already started with your knowledge that there are bad idea about who good writers are. Your analysis does not have to dispel this myth. Your analysis does have to do several things, however.

  1. You have to establish what connects the messages in these readings. Use your notes and class discussion to show the connections.
  2. Your analysis must show how the chapters differ. All three writers use sources, for instance, but they use them in different ways. You should show these distinctions because they are part of the messaging in the chapters.
  3. Your analysis will have to specify key ideas from texts (the chapters). Those ideas will need attribution and citation. (This will be practice but you will need to prepare to do this in many college courses.)
  4. Your analysis will draw some conclusions about multilingualism, spoken and written language use, and college writing courses. This final part should answer the essential questions, at least one of them.


Someone who believes English should be the standard way college students write and speak.


To analyze how these bad ideas affect college students’ writing and learning and thinking processes.

Chapter Readings:

Alvarez, Steven. “Official American English Is Best.”

Cunningham, Jennifer M. “African American Language Is Not Good English.”

Pattanayak, Anjali. “There Is One Correct Way of Writing and Speaking.”


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