informative paper 4

For this assignment, you will be deciding on the research topic that you will be using for the informative paper.

You will not be making an argument in this paper; however, you must choose a controversial topic to write about as you will be presenting, without revealing bias, two sides to an argument. For example, a popular topic would be the legalization of marijuana. If you were to choose this topic, you would not be arguing that marijuana should be legalized, nor would you be arguing it should remain illegal; instead, you would present the most compelling arguments for both sides to allow your reader to make up his or her own mind after seeing both sides fairly presented.

  1. Review all of the requirements for the informative paper.
  2. Attach your selected topic to this assignment and submit it. Your topic should be a debatable topic concerning social, political, or cultural relevance. Be sure to consider the following questions as you choose a topic:
    • Will I be able to refrain from interjecting personal thoughts, opinions, and ideas?
    • Will I be able to find at least four credible sources from books, journal articles, academic websites, interviews, etc.?
    • Will my sources be up-to-date?
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