informative speech 54

This speech is an opportunity for you to educate and inform your audience about a person/artifact/event/idea. This speech must be 5 minutes and I must approve the topic you select prior to proceeding to the outline. You may incorporate a visual aid if you like but it is not mandatory. Remember that the best speeches are about topics you are motivated to talk about. Bring your identity and personal narrative into the speech and let that serve as the foundation for your structured speech.

Assignment Guidelines:

  • Speech assignment: An informative speech on the topic of your choice
  • Time: 5 minutes in length.
  • Source requirement: Cite at least 4 credible and ethical sources in your speech.
  • Visual aid requirement: Not required (optional)
  • Outline: Turn in a full sentence outline on Canvas
  • Delivery: Do not read from the outline or perform manuscript style delivery. You may take notecards up with you as reference.
  • Citations: All sources must be cited in-text, verbally, and on a reference page in APA format


Step #1: The topic of my speech will be how has social media changed the view of people. I decided to choose this topic because everything in this day, can relate back to social media and has been playing a major part for years.

Step #2: The main points that I will be discussing in my speech, is how social media has affected society in a positive way and in a negative way.

Step #3: When doing research, I will be looking into articles that are statically correct because statistics plays a major part in being accurate.

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