initiating picot

Please use this required templateEBP process form 9_19.docx

This is the PICOT that is to be used

(P) Bedside nurses (I) hand washing with antimicrobial soap on a unit (C) compared to hand washing with soap and water in another unit (O) to reduce the risk of nosocomial infections (T) in 6 weeks time.

  1. Locate a systematic review on your topic from the CCN Library databases. Be sure this involves nursing actions.
  2. Work through each step of the ACE Star Model as outlined on the assignment form (Star Points 1-5: Discovery, Summary, Translation, Implementation, and Evaluation). Respond to the instructions provided on the form.
  3. Follow the activities and thinking of Nurse Daniel in Weeks 1-6 in the ‘Illustration’ part of each lesson. He will be working through a clinical topic and nursing practice issue to demonstrate a change (ACE Star Model and systematic review).
  4. Work on a portion of the process each week, as the illustration unfolds.
  5. Please reach out to your instructor for feedback or assistance with your PICOT question as needed.
  6. Required and Additional Background Reading in Weeks 1 and 2 under Readings is available for more information on the ACE Star Model and the use of systematic reviews.
  7. Please cite any references (in APA format) of your systematic review or other scholarly document (optional) as needed. Paraphrasing information, rather than quoting, is expected. No quotes for this assignment please!
  8. For questions about this assignment, please contact your instructor.
  9. Use the grading rubric as a final way to check that all components of the form have been completed. The rubric is the tool your instructor will use to assess your content.
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