intl 450 paper case study beating the islamic state selecting a new strategy

Paper – Case Study – Beating the Islamic State: Selecting a New Strategy

Case studies provide an excellent opportunity for you to conduct more in-depth research and analysis on a relevant international terrorism topic or incident. Each student is required to write 8 pages not including the introduction and reference page. The research paper according to the guidelines below.

There are many more sources which highlight techniques and tactics, in addition to court academic research and books. The above is simply a starting point for the paper.

The following questions should guide you while writing the paper:

1. What new options can be pursued to defeat the Islamic State, stabilize the Middle East, and reestablish a sense of domestic security in the United States and Europe?

2. Which of these options might be the most effective, and why?

The above questions are simply a guide for you to consider. As they are deliberately broad in scope, you should have enough flexibility to focus your paper on specific topics such that are of most interest to you. If you are unsure how to specifically focus your paper feel free to contact me to discuss.

You may earn up to a maximum of 36 points for the case study, which will comprise 36% of your final overall grade for this course.

Following are guidelines, expectations and requirements for completing the case study:

  • Your paper must reflect your original work, and may not be completed or submitted as a team project.
  • You must include proper source citations within the text and a list of references or bibliography at the end of the paper. Wikipedia is not considered a valid source for academic papers. Plagiarism will not be tolerated.

The case study must be completed and submitted as a Word document. You are required to submit the paper via canvas. If you experience problems, then email me your paper and ensure you request a response. Send does not equal receive so please send an email if you do not receive confirmation from me within 24 hours of submission.

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