investigate a set of local climate solutions with a focus on uc sustainable water systems 1

  • Please try to make linkages to the class material; for example:
    1. how does the course’s six clusters and ten solutions relate to what you have investigated with your project?
    2. What is your project’s potential for addressing climate change?
  • Shoot for 750 words or greater (3-5 pages) for the entire document, including the executive summary.

There are some helpful document to read in the uploaded files

Projects Dimensions:

  • How does your case study fit or map onto the six clusters and 10 solutions? Which curves are they bending? Are you targeting short lived climate pollutants or CO2?
  • How does your topic or plan motivate people to take action?
  • How are people convinced of the legitimacy of climate change science;the need for actions; conveyance of a sense of urgency?
  • Technologies deployed and barriers: Off-the shelf versus newtechnologies; How will you improve it?
  • Are they scalable? How; if not why not?
  • Integration of local interests (localization) with global impact
  • Role of behavioral changes, market mechanisms employed, corporate support
  • How fast can your proposed actions have an impact given the constraints of public and political support?
  • What governance practices are being deployed?
  • How are principles of effective leadership being employed?
  • What social movement are you trying to engage in or create?
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