iot cloud vulnerabilities related to cyber security in health sector for patient information

1) I need a research targeting user information how is it stored and how is kept safe.

2) Associated Risk in using IOT or Cloud in health sector

3) How to transmit the data from wearable or implanted devices on human body

4) Where is the weakness in what layer of IOT connectivity and relation with new trending technology like 5G & how to Enhance this layer

5) How this information can be interrupted by attacker Interruption of information

6) Can this IOT device protect the user information

7) Physical Vulnerability when device is implanted in humans body, also size of the device, and can these devices be integrated into 1 device?

8) The use of nano chips in IOT devices that are used for health sector for example when cant apple watch calculate blood pressure is there certain constraits?

9) Human resistances to use these IOT devices, are humans welling to use the IOT device and implant them on or in their bodies.

10) Healthcare and IOT vulnerability for example: Cost, resistance, connectivity etc, at least 15 to 20 points of the obstacles that are not making IOT widely implemented and why? (1 – 2 pages for each point )

– I need papers related to Health care and IOT vulnerability

– Also any assessments like survey or interview.

Finally, I need to to have a contribution related to this topic.

Attached is also a template to follow kindly note:

– I need the journals and a presentation related to this topic.

– Reference must ONLY be from journal articles published in well publishers’ databases; IEEE, Springer, Elsevier, Wiley, and Taylor & Francis. and recent from year 2017 least old.

– Citation is really important

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