is obesity a public health problem

This assignment explores how health issues such as obesity move from being “only a health concern” to a political concern.

To complete this assignment, do the following in 2-3 pages (not including cover page and References page):

  1. Identify a public health concern that is caused by or exacerbated by obesity.
  2. State your opinion on whether obesity should be handled solely by public health professionals or if it is appropriate for this concern to also be addressed as a political plight. Support your opinions with statistical data from at least 3 credible and/or scholarly resources. One resource for statistical data on obesity is
  3. Include a plan for how you would propose to address obesity in your community. Would you choose a policy or community intervention, or would you leave the issue to be addressed by individuals?

Include an APA-formatted cover page and References page.




Identified a public health concern that has contributed to or caused America to be more susceptible to obesity.


Presented an opinion on whether obesity is considered a public health concern.


Developed a 2-3 assessment supporting opinion on whether obesity is a public health concern or a personal choice. Used proper APA format with correct spelling and grammar.



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