ism 360 project


The P7-DataFile includes extensive data about Olympic medalists from 1980-2008. Your job is to create a professional dashboard to show various and interesting aspects of the data. You must include several elements as listed below. You also must focus on appearance and symmetry in your dashboard. You have complete flexibility on what aspects of the data you choose to focus on, but your charts and other elements must visualize or communicate the chosen data effectively and appropriately. You should not copy or use anyone else’s ideas for your dashboard. If your dashboard is the same as anyone else’s dashboard(s), all similar projects will only be given partial credit.

Minimum Requirements

1.Your dashboard must look professional and be organized and structured well and with symmetry.

2.You must include at least four charts on your dashboard, and you must use at least two different types of charts.

3.You must include at least four slicers on your dashboard. At least two of the slicers must be connected to multiple charts.

4.You must include at least two tables of information on your dashboard. The tables must be dynamic and linked to at least one slicer each.

5.You must build at least four pivot tables to setup your charts and tables on your dashboard.

6.You must build at least one additional data table to setup one or more charts or tables on your dashboard.

Important Considerations

1.Your dashboard should not be the same or very similar to anyone else’s dashboard. If your dashboard is the same or similar to that of any other student(s), you all will only receive partial credit for your work.

2.Your dashboard must be in a separate sheet in your workbook, and it should be the first sheet in the workbook. You should have separate sheets for the data, pivot tables, and additional data tables.

3.Be sure to format the original data as a table.

4.Give your dashboard a good title. Don’t show gridlines on your dashboard.

5.Focus on appearance and consistency in your dashboard.

6.Make the charts look as nicely as you can, given the constraints of pivot charts.

7.Do not leave any field buttons showing on your charts.

8.Determine an appropriate way to show legends, given the constraints of pivot charts.

9.Consider implementing one or more of the tools and functions we have learned in the class. Lookup functions can bring in some great things in dashboards.

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