issues theories amp practice in organizational behavior paper

Issues, Theories & Practice in Organizational Behavior paper requires each student to select a critical organizational behavior issue facing hospitality or tourism industry over the next two years. Each student must think about and inform on why the chosen topic should be considered a most important issue. The student must provide a succinct literature review including background on the issue, historical context that leads to a fundamental explanation the issue, and key management objectives and functions. A proposal of what needs be done to meet and resolve the issue going forward is also required. In a sense, the fundamental question is: Given recent conditions, what needs to be done to effectively manage the organization and the organizational issues both today and in the future?

This paper is an opportunity for each student to demonstrate an understanding and integration of appropriate concepts from course texts, assigned articles, class discussion, and outside reading relative to organizational behavior.

Each paper is limited to 10-12 pages excluding references, double-spaced, 12-point, font Times New Roman, include an annotated bibliography and adhere to MLA Style. The paper will be evaluated on argument, organization, grammar, and selection of references.

My personal points will go around with COVID-19’s impact on hospitality industry, and what should hotels leadership management teams do can win consumer confidence then get back to normal track in after two years?

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