Journal Entries Regarding A Bond Issue And Accounting For A Premium Archambault Tow 2355498

(Journal entries regarding a bond issue and accounting for a premium) Archambault Township authorized a bond issue for a parking garage wish an estimated cost of $4,000,000. The garage would be financed through a $2,500,000 bond issue and a $1,500,000 contribution from the General Fund. The General Fund made its contribution, and the bonds were sold for $2,700,000, which included a $200,000 premium over the face amount of the bonds. Prepare journal entries to record the budget for the parking garage, the payment and receipt of the General Fund’s contribution, and the issuance of the bonds, assuming the premium remained in the Capital Projects Fund. Identify the fund(s) used to record the transactions. Also, identify alternate methods of disposing of the bond premium.


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