kd education assignments 3

Part 1

Job and task analysis

Choose two (2) of these techniques, and discuss how you would use them to develop ideas about types of assignments adult students prefer in a class. Describe why you chose those techniques.

Part 2

This week, students will be creating the discussion questions! The learning outcome for this week is “Design and develop curriculum or instructional content for diverse adult learners”. Based on this learning outcome, your professional and personal experience as an adult student, design an engaging and creative discussion question for this week that is different from the questions posed by other students. Provide a rationale for the discussion question you created.

Part 3

There are both formal (systematic or strategic, often using data) and informal methods of program evaluation covered in your text. Think about a program or class you have participated in as an adult learner and provide an informal evaluation of the program or class. In other words, if a colleague or family member asked you about the program or class, what type of feedback would you share? Why would you focus on those characteristics?

Part 4

  • Think about a program or class you have participated in as an adult learner that you did NOT find effective. Describe the format of this program or class. Explain why you did not find it effective.
  • Do you think this program or class would have been more effective if offered in a different format? Why or why not?

Part 5

Remember the campus program for transgender students you were trying to garner support for back in your Week 5 discussion? Congratulations! It’s been approved and funded by the director of student activities. Eager to roll the program out, you create flyers and post them all over campus. You send emails to students, staff, and faculty. You reserve a room on campus with a capacity for 30 people, planning that the small campus population of transgender students would attend in addition to some of your colleagues. You order pizza; your PowerPoint is ready; it’s show time! On the night of the program, you show up a half hour early to set up, only to find a line outside of the door, all of the seats in the room taken, the pizza consumed, and crowds of people asking how they can support transgender students on campus.

  • While this explosion of interest is obviously good news, it also means that you have totally underestimated your program’s needs. What are your next steps?
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