lab report 418

Intro: This section should be 2 – 3 sentences describing what the study is about. Including one citation will result in +1 bonus point.

Hypotheses: This section should state at least one hypothesis about the study. A hypothesis should be written prior to analyzing any data for this study. As such, these first two sections should be completed prior to you opening the data. One or more hypothesis.

Methods: How was this data obtained? Describe all relevant data including subjects (how many), how data was collected (Online survey), any other relevant variables. Please use examples from past studies that you have read to see what might be beneficial to include in these sections. 2-5 sentences.

Results: Report results in APA style. This will likely be one sentence combined with data. For example it may look like. “To analyze this data I ran an independent-samples t-test. Results suggest that dogs are easier to walk on a leash, t (275) = 5.779, p = .002.”

Discussion: In 3 – 10 sentences, describe what this data means, how it might impact the general public, and one question that you are left with from the data.

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