lab report 430

Our first online Lab! I’m going back to an older lab we skipped. I give you data, you do the writeup.

Here’s everything you need:

Data is provided for the Specific Heat lab. (see below)

  • a video summarizing the lab (Links to an external site.)
  • a pdf of the lab (in case you don’t have the lab manual)
  • I’ll set up a special Lab Office Hours the day before it is due.
  • Obviously in the conclusion you don’t need to talk about difficulties you had during the lab. I guess you can make up a crazy story about how you had to fight off an alien invasion while boiling the water…
  • Please work with your lab partners to help each other do the writeup
  • Some people have limited internet calculations so please do your best to help each other.

Data: (you can switch so that you are the same as your lab partners)
Last (Family Name) starts with A to E: use Data Set 1.
Last (Family Name) starts with F to M: use Data Set 2.
Last (Family Name) starts with N to Z: use Data Set 3.

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