Lesson delivery

For this module, you are assigned Ch 8: lesson delivery. For Chapter 8, I have incorporated a video in which a professor discuss you about the big concepts of lesson delivery.

In addition, there are three video clips that I would like you to watch and consider the following questions:

What is the central task in the lesson and how do they relate to the content and language objectives?

What opportunities to practice the concepts and language occur during the lesson?

What possibilities do you think would be available in this lesson to differentiate for learning styles or language proficiency levels?

How does the teacher use manipulatives, hand-on experiences, or resources to engage students?

After watching the videos and answering the questions I would like you to continue to work on the lessons you will develop for the final project. ‘

Discussion Board # 5 prompt:

Reflect on the ideas presented in this chapter (Ch 9), as well as all the other activities you have used to assess student learning of specific lesson objectives (Please describe which assessment activity you are currently using or planning to use to assess your students learning ) . How much time do you think you should allocate for review and assessment during each lesson? What if you discover (as it often the case) that some students are ready to move on, while others need more review and/or reteaching?







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