lit 201 soomo textbook chapters 1 8

I need someone to complete the Soomo Assignments in the interactive textbook for chapters 1 through 8. Each chapter has multiple-choice questions that can be reset as many times as needed. There are polls and as well as short answers that need to be completed. Each chapter will need to be completed by the following deadlines:

Chapter 1 Only section 11 – Due 03/15

Chapter 2 All – Due 03/15

Chapter 3 All – Due 03/18

Chapter 4 All – Due 03/22

Chapter 5 All – Due 03/26

Chapter 6 All – Due 03/31

Chapter 7 All – Due 04/04

Chapter 8 All – Due 04/08

You will also be responsible for constructing the milestones and final paper. I have attached details regarding the milestones and final. I will provide log in after I select a tutor.

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