macro organizational behavior class journal portfolio

this is for a Management class called macro organizational behaviour (OB), this class have 6 chapter that includes topics communication, team characteristics and process, power influence and negotiation, leadership styles and behaviours, organizational structure, organizational culture and changes.

and i will provide textbook!! and when writing, plz strongly link the textbook

  • Getting creative
    • taking Photograph capture important concepts from the textbook 5 pics
    • and Other interesting links you wish to explore
  • OB and you
    • Reflection on Assessments/Exercises ( for this one, write the film reflection on the movie < the founder> and how this movie related to OB concept)
    • Description of an personal experience that links to an OB concept (mini case)
  • OB and the world
    • 3 short articles summaries connecting OB to a news story
  • Upon reflection
  • As it is personal you have some freedom in formatting (i.e. not overly concerned about APA)
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