making arguments based on analysis and personal experience

Making Arguments Based on Analysis and Personal Experience

1. Briefly compare and contrast episodic and continuous change models. What factors (i.e., industry type, competition, competitive strategy, leadership style, managing brands/product lines, etc.) impact episodic change?

2. Discuss one example of an organization that utilized both continuous change and episodic change. Was the episodic change remedial (i.e., a reaction to major problems) or developmental (i.e., going from good to better)? Argue for a better change solution or provide evidence/research to support the change effort. Hint: Your example might be organization-wide or a subsystem.

3. Identify and discuss some implications of episodic change for organizational and individual (i.e., employees) health. The mental capacities, physical health, emotional health, and quality of relationships (i.e., trust) are causes and effects of episodic change.

In order to become more familiar with organizational change types and language, please understand and utilize these types of change (your example might include many of these):

APA formatting, proper in-text citations, and 2 references are required for each initial post. After your references, please attach PDF files or include permalinks to your articles.

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(Readings attached)

Weick, K.E., & Quinn, R.E. (1999).
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Burnes, B. (1996).
No Such Thing as… a “One Best Way” to Manage Organizational Change.

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