making the modern world 2


Write an essay using those sources to address one of the following bulleted question-clusters; your thesis statement should reflect a response to the question-cluster you choose:

  1. OPTION 1: While the different threads of Marxist socialism in nineteenth-century Europe shared some common themes, it was also a divided movement. Based on the primary documents offered in the “Working with Evidence” section of Chapter 17, how would you describe those common perspectives? How would you describe the key differences and points of division?
  2. OPTION 2: To what extent did socialist thinking in the period between 1800 and 1914 reflect the issues of the Atlantic Revolutions explored in the previous chapter? In what ways did socialist thinking depart from those earlier revolutionary upheavals?


  • Submit to the Dropbox by 11.59 p.m., Sunday
  • Your thesis statement should reflect the question-cluster you have chosen. Be sure to base your response on the documents themselves and the information provided in the preceding chapter.
  • As you plan your essay, be sure to pay attention to format instruction on the syllabus, and to the guide document on essays, located in the Course Overview page in the Start Here module.
  • Be sure to read the very first “Working with Evidence” section found early in the textbook, before Chapter 13—it offers guidance on analyzing primary sources.

The essay must be:

    • Between 1000 and 1200 words in length
    • Double-spaced, using a normal-sized font, such as Times New Roman 12-point
    • Properly cited: Cite sources—whether directly quoted, paraphrased or summarized–using Chicago-Style citation
    • Contain use of appropriate scholarly sources rather than dubious sources such as Wikipedia
    • Be plagiarism free: Contain no plagiarism whatsoever; any plagiarized material will receive zero points and may result in further action as per College policy
    • Be submitted to the course Dropbox in Word .doc, .docx, or in .rtf format
  • Be sure that your essay actually points to evidence from the documents. Show me, don’t just tell me.
  • The Dropbox folder for Essay 1 will not open until students have taken the Plagiarism Tutorial and Quiz, located in the “Quizzes” section of the D2L site.

The textbook we use is


Since the Fifteenth Century

Ways of the World

A Brief Global History with Sources


  • Robert W. Strayer
  • The College at Brockport: State University of New York
  • Eric W. Nelson
  • Missouri State University

A Macmillan Logo followed by the text reads bedford/st.martin's, Macmillan learning publishers BOSTON NEW YORK.

I have attached 3 documents, one has the essay expectations, the other two are the working with evidence sections of the book. Anything else needed, just ask.

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