Management Of Technology Sharing Insights About Technology Lifecycles 2816025

Sharing insights about Technology LifeCycles Is clear about the type of innovation Defines “newness” from users’ perspective Defines “newness” from an enterprise perspective Integrates Technology life cycle into text (& notes S-curve link) Integrates Hype cycle into text Brainstorming Unintended Consequences of technology’s entry into the users’ social system Includes entry for each cell (5 cells at 5 pts per) Sharing insights about generic archetypes Choses Appropriate Generic for Key Unintended Consequence Explains System Boundaries Explains Feedback loops (3 loops at 5 pts each) Explains Delay Explains Mitigation to Technology’s UC Sharing Unique, Professional Document, Demonstrating Creativity & Originality. Submits at least 1500 words, but no more than 4000 Epitomizes correct, English grammar Includes multiple exhibits Includes citations, as appropriate (not counting against word limit)



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