math 1350 journal 3


math 1350 journal 250 words.

One of the highlights of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics National Conference in April of 2015 was a presentation by a speaker named Constance Kamii. She is somewhat of a maverick in education circles! Copy and paste the URL below into your browser, watch the video, and then answer the questions that follow:

In the video, the students are working to find the solution to a multi-digit subtraction problem. They do not all use the same technique, nor do they all get the correct answer at first. The interesting thing to me is that the teacher never tells the students that they are correct or that they are not correct. She allows and in fact encourages the students to come to a consensus on the correct solution. What are your impressions after having watched the interaction between the students and between the teacher and the students? What went through your mind? What is the role of the teacher in this sort of interchange? How comfortable would you be with employing this technique in your own classroom? Why? What do you see as being major roadblocks to using this technique in the classroom? Why might it be worth it? Why might it not be worth it? No judgments! I just want your impressions!

thank you

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