matlab code 24

Hello I would like you to do

MATLAB Processing and Data Analysis for the lab “Determine the Linear Range of a Mechanical Shaker” (read the manual). You have the data from LabView provided already please read and follow the instructions everything is explained in detail on how to do the Matlab code part in the manual page 12-13.

for this task i am only asking you to do MATLAB code

this is the link for the data collected download them

this is Deliverables what u need to do from Manual


You do not need to complete a lab report for Lab 4. Turn in your LabVIEW and Matlab code, as well as the following plots: 1. Acceleration, Velocity, and Displacement data for a record corresponding to a single excitation voltage level. 2. Acceleration Amplitude vs. Input Voltage Amplitude, including results of a linear curve fit through the data. Make sure all of your plots are properly labeled, including units, and that the results you present are sensible (e.g., displacement data should probably only be a few millimeters or maybe centimeters—if you’re getting meters or kilometers, you may have done something wrong). Submit a brief report that includes a total of four plots: acceleration, velocity and displacement of the shaker tip and acceleration versus input voltage amplitude. Sate what the linear range of the shaker is. Add commented Matlab codes used to generate the figures.

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