medical terminology human disease project

Project 1:The student will demonstrate his/her knowledge of Medical Terminology by selecting a Disease from the book.

The student will research the disease using a minimum of three references. Such as Center for Disease Control (CDC), the National Institute of Health (NIH) websites, professional journal or scholarly magazine.

The Students will create a presentation that creatively demonstrates what they know about the disease using Prezi, Power point, etc. and upload into Blackboard.

  • Provide a description of the disease.
  • List Signs and symptoms of the disease (use Medical Terminology Words)
  • Is there a cure? Why or why not?
  • Give brief description of why you selected the disease.

The project has two parts First the PowerPoint or something else you chose to use to make your presentation AND the second part is the 3page essay. Submit a cover sheet with the name of the course, Professors name and his or her own name.The project should not to exceed three typewritten pages in length with 12 point Times New Roman font lettering and double-space.Each publication or its Internet site may only be used once. (Use APA Format) and submit in class the actual presentation (Prezi share the link,PowerPoints share the Slides)

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