mgmt essay about career abtitude 2pages 1

Please see the attache picture

– Summarize the results received from the test

– Answer the following questions:

– What aptitudes are aligned with my current career? Support your answer.

– What aptitudes are not well aligned with my current career?

– What actions could I take to ensure the best possible alignment between my aptitudes and my current career / desired career?

– Read the HBR article ‘Think Strategically About Your Career’

– Consider your current resume and the resume you will need to have 5 years from now. What are the most important 5 changes that need to happen? How will you make sure those 5 things are put into place?

– Responses should comprise two pages. The first should cover the test summary and the related questions (one paragraph per question, list each question you are answering). The second should cover your response to the resume question (one paragraph for each change and action).

– Grades will be based on completeness of responses, graduate level communication skills, proper APA reference use and evidence of logic reasoning.

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