mgt 360 writing

Persuasion will play an important role in your career, as you practice communicating upward and downward within the workplace. Customer relations, claim messages, and even simple direct requests often use persuasion.

For this week’s discussion posts, you will review persuasion in video commercials.

In your initial post, include a link to the commercial. Answer three of the questions below.

In your response to at least one classmate, watch the commercial and describe something that was not mentioned in that person’s original post.

Use the business writing principles and review the rubric for grading information.

Find a commercial based on the topic you are assigned:

Autos or cellular service

Choose three of the following questions to address in your initial post

  1. What techniques capture the viewer’s attention?
  2. What is the central selling point?
  3. Does the message use rational or emotional appeals, or a combination?
  4. Is the opening effective; describe why.
  5. What motivators spur the viewer to act quickly?
  6. In the AIDA approach, which aspect is favored in your choice of a commercial?
  7. How does the message build interest in the product or service?
  8. How does the message anticipate resistance and offer counter arguments?

reply to 1 and 2

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